Terrell police search for pit bull that attacked 8 children waiting for bus

Police in Terrell are searching for a dog that attacked eight children at a bus stop nearly two weeks ago.

Police in the city, which is located east of Dallas in Kaufman County, say they’ve exhausted all other leads in the attack that happened about 7:45 a.m. On Friday, May 10.

The brown and white pit bull attacked the children, ages 5 to 11, who were waiting for a bus. Several had to be hospitalized, including at least two girls who had puncture wounds. but all are recovering from their injuries.

Police are concerned about the pit bull possibly having rabies and have been trying to find the pit bull or its owner.

“It is very imperative that this animal be located so it can be quarantined and monitored for rabies by Animal Control Officers along with the process of proceeding with the necessary legal hearings regarding this Dangerous Dog incident as required by State Law,” Terrell police said in a statement.

Nearby residents, like Carolyn Shaw, are being extra careful with their young kids and grandkids around the Heather Lane Apartments after a dog attacked several children waiting for the bus before school.

“I got a grand baby that likes to go outdoors,” Shaw said. “Yes, I am concerned, even if it’s not my grand baby, I’m still concerned. They’re kids.”

Terrell police say the attack happened the morning of May 10, and was witnessed by the bus driver.

“Saw several kids that were getting chased by a dog. He stopped, got out to help, tried to get the dog off the kids. I believe one of the kids was dragged by the pit bull dog,” said Terrell PD Corporal Zachary Boyd.

Stills from surveillance video around the apartment complex show part of the attack, along with the dog police are looking for. It was wearing a red collar.

Police say it’s unknown if the dog was provoked, but a witness who didn’t want to be identified tells FOX4 that the dog just came around the corner and started attacking kids, at one point, even jumping onto a car.

“There was one lady that got knocked down. She was able to hold it, it wasn't acting aggressive towards her, but it did get away from her,” Boyd said.

By the time police got there, the dog was gone.

Eight children were injured, with two girls taken to the hospital with puncture wounds.

Police say it’s unknown if animal control has had contact with this dog before.

But apartment residents say they’re familiar with the dog, and have seen it roaming around without a leash.

“He’s out here all the time, right over there. That’s why I don’t walk like I used to because I can’t run,” Shaw added.

Police need to verify the dog’s medical history and observe it for rabies so they can advise victims and their parents about needed medical treatment.

“Going through the medical treatment with the shots, I’ve been told it’s pretty painful,” Boyd said. “Then, when you put kids in the mix with that, it’ a pretty hard pill to swallow, to think about if that were your kids.”

Police say they’ve exhausted all possible leads and even searched one home for the dog, but haven’t been able to find it, so they’re now asking the public for help.

Residents say apartment managers have also put up notices on their apartments about the incident and to be on the lookout for the dog.

Terrell police are asking anyone who might have more information to please give them a call at (469) 474-2700.