Tarrant County to consider closing 'nuisance' strip club after violent crimes

Tarrant County says it will hold a hearing later this month to pull the permit from a Tarrant County strip club that has been the location of several violent crimes.

An investigation has been launched into Temptations Cabaret in unincorporated Tarrant County.

The county says that they may revoke the club's Sexually Oriented Business Permit because the strip club is within 1,000 feet of multiple residential dwellings, which violates Tarrant County's regulations for Sexually Oriented Businesses.

Last year, sheriff's deputies responded to 134 calls, and this year more than 80 calls to the Temptations Cabaret on Camp Bowie and West Boulevard. 


Calls grow to shutdown Tarrant County strip club labeled a 'nuisance'

An overnight shooting at a Tarrant County nightclub has people who live in the area concerned that the number of crimes is going up instead of down. A Tarrant County commissioner calls the business a nuisance.

The sheriff’s department says on Sunday a security guard on duty at Temptations Cabaret shot and killed a gunman moments after he shot and injured three people. 

Hundreds of neighbors in the area signed a petition calling for the club to close.

A public nuisance lawsuit was filed against Temptations earlier this week.

The suit cites murders, stabbings, shootings, and drug use among the reasons.

The petition states: "This repeated conduct is a common nuisance that wreaks havoc on the community near the club and strains the resources of law enforcement and first responders."

The lawsuit points out that between January 1, 2020, and December 31 of that year, there were "three aggravated assaults with a deadly weapon, five times when a firearm was discharged inside, two murders… and at least six instances of someone unlawfully carrying a weapon."

The Sexually Oriented Business Board is scheduled to hold a hearing about Temptations Cabaret on June 21 at the Tarrant County Commissioners Courtroom.

At the end of the hearing, the Board will determine if the permit should be revoked.