Teen who drove through Texas tornado given new truck by Fort Worth Chevrolet dealership

The Texas teen who survived after his truck was overturned, then turned right side up while driving through a tornado earlier this week was surprised in Fort Worth with a new car and a generous gift to his family.

The video of Riley Leon's red truck getting stuck in the winds of a powerful storm in the Austin area went viral. 

The truck got knocked over on its side and spun around, before the tornado miraculously brought the truck back on its wheels, and Leon was able to drive off.

"It was my first time being in a tornado, and hopefully my last time," he said.

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From inside his brand-new truck, Leon said he's grateful for all the support he's gotten since that day.

Chevrolet, in collaboration with Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet of Fort Worth, gifted the 16-year-old a brand new 2022 Chevrolet Silverado.

In addition, Lowrie presented a $15,000 check to his family for any other expenses that may come along.

To help statewide tornado recovery efforts, Chevy Cares is donating $50,000 to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

"When we saw the video, we were all very moved," said Don Wagner, regional director for Chevrolet. "You see what happened and you think about your child being in that truck spinning around, so honestly, we were just really pleased and grateful he was safe, and as soon as we recognized it, we immediately tried to reach out, tried to find him." 

"Never expected this and they mean a lot to me. And shout out to them for helping me out and my family. It does mean a lot," Leon said.

Leon was on his way back from a job interview at Whataburger when he encountered the dangerous weather.

He ended up getting the job, and Chevrolet hopes the truck will get him to his first day on the job Monday.


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