Teen subject of AMBER Alert now in Dallas County jail charged with murder

The teenage murder suspect, who was once at the center of an AMBER Alert, is now in Dallas County custody. 

FOX 4 cameras were there as 17-year-old Natalie Navarro was brought into the Dallas County jail late Tuesday afternoon. She's accused of setting up a man she met online to rob him. Her target was murdered, and her alleged accomplice is still on the run. 

21-year-old Arturo Pena was found shot to death in his vehicle two weeks ago.

Garland police issued capital murder warrants for Navarro and 21-year-old Yordy Martinez.

Investigators believe Navarro met Pena online. The two decided to meet in person at Audubon Park. 

However, Pena did not know Navarro was setting him up and planning to rob him of jewelry and belongings with Martinez, according to police.

Texas DPS Troopers found Navarro in Webb County near the Mexico border on Sept. 1.

Initially, troopers were flagged to Navarro because she was reported missing by her family and became the subject of an AMBER alert. However, troopers learned there was more to it.

"They saw that Natalie had a warrant out for her arrest for capital murder," said Garland Police Lt. Richard Maldonado.

For now, police will not say who Navarro was with in the vehicle when she was arrested in Webb County. Maldonado says Martinez was not with her.

Navarro did not respond to FOX 4’s question about her alleged accomplice Tuesday evening. 


Garland murder victim was target of robbery set up by 17-year-old, police say

Garland police say a murder victim was the target of a robbery and that the robbery was set up by a 17-year-old girl and her accomplice.

Still, police say Navarro is cooperating with investigators and admits to the robbery, but she maintains Martinez is responsible for the murder.

"It just spun out of control basically is what she’s saying," Maldonado said. "So that’s why it’s imperative that we get ahold of Yordy to see exactly what took place. I’ve got somebody telling me her side, and then I’ve still got Yordy at large."

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Garland police.