‘Tears of joy’: Southwest crew tracks down boy's lost stuffed tiger

What the boy realized that he had accidentally left Tigey, his favorite stuffed animal, at Southwest's Nashville airport, he was heartbroken, the airline said. (Credit: Southwest Airlines)

A boy reunited with his lost stuffed animal earlier this week, thanks to staff members at a Southwest Airlines airport in Nashville, Tennessee.

"When Jake realized that he had accidentally left Tigey, his favorite stuffed animal, at the Nashville airport, he was heartbroken," the airline said in a Facebook post

Southwest said his mother quickly submitted a lost & found request and reached out to the airline for assistance. 

"The news reached our Nashville employees, who immediately sprung into action to find Tigey," the airline continued. "In less than thirty minutes, the search was successful, and there were tears of joy, warm embraces, and beaming smiles the following day as Jake and Tigey were reunited."


Jake is reunited with his stuffed animal tiger. (Credit: Southwest Airlines)

Southwest thanked their Nashville employees for going the extra mile to reunite the boy with his cherished stuffed animal.

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"Southwest Airlines employees show hospitality to our customers in many different ways, whether they are at the airport, on the phone, or on a plane," a spokesperson with the airline said in a statement to FOX Television Stations. "Our employees in Nashville worked hard to reunite Jake with Tigey, and we love seeing the joy on Jake’s face as his friend was returned to him."


Southwest Airlines said there were "tears of joy" when Jake was reunited with the stuffed toy. (Credit: Southwest Airlines)

In 2022, a Southwest agent in Dallas held on to a lost stuffed dog and took photos of the toy on various "adventures." The owner, a little girl named Luna, was reunited with her dog a month later. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.