Philadelphia students start GoFundMe to buy teacher new shoes, raise $3K

What started as an April Fools' joke by students at Tech Freire Charter School in North Philadelphia resulted in some extra cash for a teacher and his students. 

Students in Mr. Julian's class were tired of his shoes and insisted that he get a new pair. The class created a GoFundMe page to raise money for the world history teacher's new kicks. 

"We're trying to make our world history teacher's shoe's history. They're very hideous, and he is tired of being bullied by block 6. He stands all day long and needs Nike Blazer'77, he's broke... please help him," the students wrote on the GoFundMe page.

The students even made sure to add a photo of Mr. Julian and his 4-year-old shoes. After the page went viral and gained national attention, the students raised over $3,000, but they are not letting that extra money go to waste. 


Mr. Julian and his students will be going on a school shopping trip to find a brand-new pair of Jordans. The students were also treated to a Chick-fil-A lunch Tuesday afternoon. The rest of the funds will be donated back to the school for the students' learning purposes. 

"It's been great, just because it's been a great way to connect with the kids," says Mr. Julian. 

Mr. Julian was actually one of the first people to find out about the page when another teacher sent him a screenshot of it, followed by a FaceTime call with all the students shouting about it. 

Charles Ware, Principal of the Tech Freire Charter School, says, "We really just appreciate that this is such an amazing opportunity for community building and an amazing opportunity to continue to build upon the great relationships that not only Mr. Julian, but teachers all over this country have been engaging in all year."



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