Tarrant County Tea Party lobbies for Confederate monuments protection

The Tarrant County Tea Party is appealing to Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick in their effort to protect Confederate monuments across Texas.

Patrick was in North Richland Hills Monday for a meeting with the group.  He touched on a lot of hot-button issues, including property tax reform and teacher pay. But it’s the fate of Texas monuments that has many Texans fired up.

People with the Conservative Response Team lobbied for the support for the preservation of Confederate monuments in Texas.

The North Texas Conservative PAC handed out information flyers at a Northeast Tea Party demanding action. It includes information about two bills, Senate Bill 1663 and Senate Bill 226, filed to protect Texas monuments, including Confederate statues like the one at pioneer cemetery in Downtown Dallas from being torn down using taxpayer money.

The group has been trying to get the attention of Patrick by running ads and showing up to his speaking engagements.

“We are calling on people to demand that Lieutenant Governor Patrick make sure this goes through the Senate which is his control and his power,” said Christopher Ekstrom.

Several people in the crowd support the bills and want Patrick to make them a priority this legislative session.

“You can’t take the history away. That’s part of America,” Jan Weir said. “I just feel like everything’s been stripped away, and I take a strong stance in keeping it and preserving the history. I wanted Patrick to hear our voices and do the same.”

Patrick says he promises to look into it.