Tarrant County launches self-screening website to help people schedule COVID-19 tests

Tarrant County leaders have announced a new self-screening website for those who may think they have COVID-19.

Before they get tested, people will fill out information online to determine if they meet the criteria.

If they do, they can get the test.

Tarrant County did not get FEMA funded test sites like Dallas County did, but it does currently have other privately run drive-thru testing sites and a county site at the Parks Mall in Arlington.

Now, the county will add this pilot program to its tools used to fight COVID-19.

The website will allow users to log on and answer a questionnaire that determines if they are eligible to be tested.

The test site will disclose when they get the go-ahead.

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Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley said having patients fill out information online first not only allows them to test those who really need it and preserve the test re-agents that are in short supply, but it has another purpose too.

“That survey will allow us to gather data that will help us, one, in modeling. Two, it will help us determine if this virus is attacking a certain population, attacking a certain underlying health condition, any number of things which we can gather from that. All of which will be important as we go forward,” Whitley said.

Testing from the self-screening website will start on Monday.

Initially, slots will be very limited, as this is for those with the most severe symptoms, but more slots and locations are expected to be added in coming weeks.

The online screening will be available in English and Spanish.

Click here for more information.

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