TangoTab hosting food drop off events to help North Texans in need

The team behind the TangoTab app hosted food drives on Saturday for families struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.

At a time when most people are isolated in their homes, some are choosing to get out and help those in need.

Concerns over the coronavirus have put a strain on local food organizations, pantries, and churches that rely on donations to provide meals.

With unemployment claims soaring, the need now is more than ever.

"That doesn't mean that they are just out of a job, they now have to decipher between, am I going to pay the electric bill, or am I going to put food on our table?" said Nick Marino, with TangoTab.

TangoTab, an app that donates a meal for every food delivery order that's placed, has come up with a solution.

Every Saturday, starting this weekend, sites across the Metroplex will be set up for people to drop off canned goods and other food items.

For those thinking about donating, anything helps, but TangoTab said the items that organizations need the most are things like peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, granola bars, tuna, and fruit.

People can stop by without ever getting out of their car.

Volunteers are taking precautionary measures to ensure everyone feels comfortable donating

"It's scary. you know. You worry about yourself and your own family, but then you realize you need to look out for others as well. So when you hear of opportunities to do that, in a safe environment, yes, that's what we should all be doing, is giving back to others," said Blythe Talbott.

Items are packed into a large box truck and then distributed to different community organizations.

Normally, TangoTab hosts its Feed the City event on Saturday’s, which includes people making sandwiches to donate.

But with the city and county taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, TangoTab decided to take a different approach.

“I think that's fantastic. Those places are hurting right now. They need all the help they can get. Anything we can do to pull together and help those places, especially those who can't get out," one person who donated added.

Each week, TangoTab will post where they will have drop off locations across North Texas.