Suspects wanted for murdering 60-year-old woman in Garland home

Police have identified two people they say shot and killed a 60-year-old woman in a Garland home Tuesday night.

Patricia Eifert was found shot to death around 7 p.m., at a home off Northwest Highway and La Prada Drive.

Late Tuesday night, Garland police identified the two suspects as 20-year-old Kvaughandre Presley of Dallas and 21-year-old Gabriela Liliana Torres of Garland. They are both wanted for murder.

A neighbor's surveillance video shows a black 4-door car creeping through the alley before a man and woman got out. 

A female driver and a male passenger get out and went in through the garage.  Moments later, the pair was seen running back to the black car with items in their hands. 

The woman also grabbed more belongings from Eifert’s car in the driveway before taking off.

Police also say the same car was involved in a hit-and-run a few minutes after and less than a mile away, where the man pointed a gun at someone. 

"The victim did come out to see the damage, and the male suspect did produce a handgun and points it at the victim," explained Garland PD Officer Felicia Jones.

Officers say Eifert was inside of the home alone helping her child move in.

Annie Bryant and her husband were ready to start their new life in their new home in Garland.  She said her mother had just put in her two weeks to retire, and all she wanted to see was her daughter settle into her new house.

Instead, all of the new plans were wiped away from a senseless act. 

"My mom was fixing a cabinet for me and the new place, and some people broke in and they shot and killed her and that was it, she was gone," Bryant said.

Bryant feels empty while sitting inside her now empty former home in Dallas.  Her mother and best friend was murdered inside the home they recently bought in Garland. 

"She was so proud and so excited that I bought my first home. She just wanted to fix it up how I wanted it," Bryant said.

Bryant and her husband are in the middle of moving, a big step that the couple should be celebrating. She said her mom got off work Tuesday evening and wanted to visit the new house off Briar Way. 

Bryant said her husband found her mother inside shot to death.

"If you are going to steal, just steal, but to just shoot and kill somebody. It’s just senseless," she said.

"It was just a random act," said Jones.

Garland police do not believe the killers and the victim knew each other. It’s still unclear if they were staking out the home or in the area prior to the murder. 

There was a string of violent events that Bryant says still doesn’t feel is real, remembering her mom as a selfless, caring woman always willing to help. 

"It just doesn’t make sense. It just doesn’t," Bryant said. 

The two people police are looking for are still on the run, and police believe they are armed. 

The family said they haven’t even had time to check to see what is missing. They do know a saw is gone, so they believe all of this was over some tools inside. 

Anyone with surveillance or information is asked to call Garland police.