Suspected package thief hits multiple Fort Worth homes

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A surveillance camera in a Fort Worth neighborhood captured a thief taking off with a teacher's Christmas present.

The video is clear as day, a man stealing a package from Michael McMahon's front porch at 1 o'clock in the afternoon Thursday in the Wedgewood neighborhood. Wrapped inside, a tote bag for his wife, her big ticket Christmas gift for the year.

"He just grabbed it and got in his car like it's a normal day in the office for him," said McMahon. "And it had her initials on the front of it. Really, it's a personalized thing."

McMahon got the notification 30 minutes earlier that the package had arrived. He was on his way home from work when the doorbell camera detected activity at the door. Upon arriving home, the package was gone.

"Whenever I called her and told her what happened, she started crying, you know, so, she's a second grade teacher, you know? She's always under a lot of stress," he said.

This year, her Christmas list also included a surprise for her students. The couple is using their money to give each child in her class two books each for summer reading, 60 books total.

"For something like that to happen to such a good person is really disheartening," said McMahon.

Another neighbor says she too is a victim of this thief, providing more surveillance images of the same man, in the same red Chrysler 200 with no front license plate, stealing packages from her home.

The McMahon's filed a police report with Fort Worth Police.

"The first thing I told my wife whenever this happened was, 'Hey, just because the Grinch came and stole something from us doesn't mean he's stealing our happiness or our Christmas,' you know?"

McMahon says he has already ordered the gift again for his wife.     He says he'll have packages shipped to his office from now on.