Suspect wanted for Fort Worth hit-and-run that killed woman, unborn child arrested near border

A North Texas woman who lost her unborn child in a hit-and-run crash last year is talking about what happened to her now that the suspect is finally in custody.

FOX 4 featured Victor Medina-Ramirez during a Trackdown segment earlier this year. He’s been wanted by Fort Worth police for the September crash that also injured a man and killed another woman.

One of the victim’s family was told Tuesday night that U.S. Customs and Border agents arrested the 28-year-old near the southern border.

During the past eight painful months, Abby and Christian Pearson say they, too, were watching Medina Ramirez on his social media accounts and sending information over to investigators. 

"It was not a question of if we are going to catch him, but when is it going to happen?" Abby said. "I saved as many pictures and videos as I could. Sent them to Detective White and to Homeland Security. ‘I don’t know what information we can pull off of this, but here is everything.’"

Fort Worth PD confirms Medina-Ramirez was arrested by U.S. Customs and Border Protection in El Paso Tuesday evening and was transferred to North Texas.

"That was a drive for me. You are going to flaunt you are just living your life," Abby said.

The Pearsons’ lives were changed forever on Sept. 24, 2023.  The couple and their best friend, Megan Roiter, were headed home to Crowley from North Fort Worth. 

Police say Medina-Ramirez crashed into their Subaru at the intersection of Airport Freeway Frontage Road and North Sylvania Avenue in Fort Worth and then took off on foot. 

Roiter, who was in the front passenger seat, was pronounced dead at the scene. 

"This was one of the best friends we will ever have in our life truly," Christian said.

Christian was in the backseat going in and out of consciousness, wondering if those were his final moments. 

"I was slowly saying, ‘The driver is pregnant. The driver is pregnant,’ before I could kind of yell it," he recalled. "Once I heard the officer say, ‘the driver is pregnant,’ I said my job here is done. I did what I needed to do. I let go."


Fort Worth hit-and-run suspect sought after crash kills woman, unborn child

Fort Worth police are searching for the man wanted for a hit-and-run that killed one woman and killed the unborn baby of another woman.

Abby, who was in the driver’s seat, was rushed to the hospital with multiple broken bones, including both of her legs, plus a laceration across her stomach. While in the ICU, she learned she lost the baby.

"It was like, wow. Okay, I almost lost my life and almost lost my husband. And now, I lost a child, and I lost a best friend. What else is there to take? What else is there for this guy to ruin for us?" she said.

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The Pearsons say their attorney is in possession of surveillance video the crash, which shows Medina-Ramirez looking at the crash and walking away. 

Right now, online records show Medina-Ramirez is being held on a collision involving death charge, but more charges could be added in the future.