Student says Keller ISD discriminated against her promposal

A high school student who said she was denied the chance to ask a friend to prom because they were both girls took her concerns to the Keller ISD school board.

"I was just gonna have little cookies and I was gonna jump out and say out of all the cookies you're my favorite one," said sophomore Casey Akers.

Promposals are a popular, elaborate way high school students asking their dates to prom.

Casey's promposal was supposed to be to her friend, a girl, which is when the "yes" she says she got from one of her assistant principals turned into a "no."

"They called me up and they found out that I was asking a girl and they simply told me that it was in appropriate and I asked why and they said it's just not appropriate," Akers said.

She brought her concerns to the Keller ISD Board during Thursday night's public comment portion. So did Emily Hobart, another one of her friends who encouraged Casey to speak up.

"Why is it OK to discriminate against LGBT Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender but not against a certain race or gender," Akers said.

Keller ISD said in a statement that "Promposals in general are not permitted, regardless of gender, as they disrupt the learning environment. Any that have occurred previously were without permission".

Akers and Hobart both drew parallels to things like pep rallies, singing telegrams for Valentine's Day and even big send offs for the football team are done in the cafeteria or during the school day.

They told board members if those things are allowed then promposals should be allowed as well.