Street Squad: Bonds Ranch Road stop signs

A series of newly installed stop signs triggered immediate action from transportation officials in Fort Worth after a number of complaints.

Bonds Ranch Road in North Fort Worth is less ranch and more road these days.

TxDOT, not the city of Fort Worth, installed the stop signs along the road to see if they would increase traffic flow and safety.

Residents were furious with the results.

"This has hindered commuter times for everyone in the area... ...including our children going to school," one person emailed to the Street Squad.

"It took... ...2 hrs to travel 1.5 miles... get home!!!! We are trapped in our neighborhood!!!!" another person said.

TxDOT officials acknowledged what the residents had told FOX4.

"It did really increase the time that it took people to go through there, it was something along those lines, so, we responded by immediately going out there and taking them down," said a TxDOT spokesman.

TxDOT took the signs down so fast they left the nuts and bolts on the ground.

Some people were still stopping on the stop lines even though there are no stop signs so a fix is on the way.

Temporary traffic lights should be up and working within the next 3 weeks.