'Stand With Ukraine' rally held in The Colony

Ukrainian Americans and other North Texans of all ages rallied in The Colony Sunday.

Dasha Mobley, who is 17 years old, is new to North Texas after being adopted from Ukraine in October.

"Because it’s my home," she said. "All my life, I was lived in an orphanage."

She said that orphanage has been under attack.

"My orphanage was just bombed two times for one week, and my school was bombed," she said.

Ukrainian Americans continue to ask for support.

"This is not just about a war in Ukraine. This goes far, far further. And it impacts every democratic nation out there. Because this ultimately is about democracy versus autocracy, and good versus evil," said Chrystya Geremesz, who is a board member for the Ukrainian American Society of Texas.

The Ukrainian flag is flown above 10 Downing Street in London, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Picture date: Wednesday March 9, 2022. (Photo by David Parry/PA Images via Getty Images)

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Some of them were at St. Sophia Ukrainian Catholic Church Sunday. 

Consul General Vitalii Tarasiuk, representing the newly established Consulate General of Ukraine in Houston, spoke of requests he’s making to the Texas and American governments, and leading industries.

"Pulling out of Russia. Stop doing business with Russia company. Closing up the ports of Texas for Russian ships. Not allowing U.S. ships going into Russian ports," he said. "Because you have to help Ukraine stop this military machine and sanctions and stopping doing business with Russia is an efficient way to do that."

The consulate was established in December, months before the recent invasion, and it typically works on passports and visas.

Now, it will also help generate humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and facilitate refugees coming to the region.

"We don’t have any details of that plan yet, but we, as a consulate in Texas, will be helping together with the Ukrainian community here on the ground," Tarasiuk added.

"Today it’s Ukraine. Tomorrow it’s Europe. After that, it’s the world," Geremesz said.

Ukraine is home for some of those at Sunday's rally.

And while Mobley might have a new home in the U.S., her heart aches for ones living in the middle of war.

"It’s hard," she said. "I’m so glad that I’m here because I’m safe, but at this time, I’m so worried about people who are still in Ukraine."