Special needs child drowns in Anna pond

The 11-year-old boy who drowned in northern Collin County was special needs and could not communicate that he was drowning, police said.

Covey Hopewell drowned in a private pond in Anna on Monday, at a subdivision that is still under construction south of Ferguson Parkway. His uncle said the family often swam in the pond.

Police said he was wearing a life jacket while on a sailboat with his family. When he went to swim, family members briefly looked away when he took off the life jacket to go swimming.

Hopewell had Angleman Syndrome and was not able to communicate verbally. On a GoFundMe page, family members described him as "a sweet little guy with an infectious laugh an a big heart that played pranks on anyone he came in contact with."

They said they'll miss him and the way he reminded everyone to just giggle.

LINK: https://www.gofundme.com/2cunug4