Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix to Dallas makes emergency landing

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A flight headed from Phoenix to Dallas was diverted when smoke started filling the cabin.

The plane had to make an emergency landing Sunday night at Albuquerque's international airport.

Passengers say flight attendants on board the plane did the best they could trying to keep people calm during the emergency landing. But some people had to jump off the wing of the plane in order to escape. Some of the chaos was captured on cell phone video.

Southwest Airlines flight 3562 was traveling from Phoenix Sky Harbor to Dallas Love Field. About an hour in, a strange odor began to fill the cabin, concerning the flight crew and some of the 140 passengers on board.

“Someone was saying they smelled smoke. Some were saying electrical,” recalled passenger John Foot. “All I know is the lights weren't working at that time on the inside of the cabin.”

“I noticed it got real hot on the plane,” recalled passenger Brandon Cox. “Why is the heat on? There was a weird smell.”

That's when the pilot notified the crew and passengers to brace for an emergency landing.

Cox and his friend ran out of the emergency exit over the wing only to find a group of panicked people standing around. To their surprise, there was no slide or ladder. They could see passengers sliding down chutes at the other emergency exits. A crew member on the ground began yelling for them to move quickly. Cox tried to help a woman off the wing and got pulled down himself while his cell phone was still recording.

Emergency responders were waiting on the ground to help the injured.

“There was someone who looked like they had a broken arm. Someone had a broken foot. Someone was on a stretcher,” recalled passenger Ben Stephens.

The rest of the passengers were eventually put on to another plane and landed safely at Love Field. They were reunited hours later with their luggage and personal belongings which were left behind in a hurry.

A major with the Dallas Police Department was also on board the flight. Max Geron tweeted his thanks to the flight crew.

The cause of the odor is still under investigation. Southwest Airlines says the plane will remain in Albuquerque until mechanics can figure out the problem.