Southlake: Beware of slithering copperheads

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The city of Southlake is warning residents about the dangers of copperhead snakes now that the temperatures are dropping.

Southlake’s Department of Public Safety said officers caught six copperheads Monday night.

“These six terrifying, slimy, slithering demon copperheads were captured on different calls Monday night by using an ironically named Asp baton and a little bit of Parseltongue,” Southlake DPS said.

The department said as temperatures drop in the evenings, the snakes come out onto concrete surfaces or huddle around electrical boxes for warmth. They’ll also hide in tall grass and leaves.

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife, copperheads are one of four venomous snakes found in Texas. They have a distinctive pattern of copper-colored hourglass marks on a lighter brown body. They can be more aggressive in the fall during the breeding season.

“We encourage our fair citizens to look carefully before reaching for water hoses (because ERMEGERD it might not be a hose) or any items that have been sitting out overnight. You also might want to avoid walking in the grass barefoot in the evening,” Southlake DPS said.