Some Dallas residents keep watch as Hurricane Willa approaches Mexico

People living along Mexico's Pacific coast are bracing for impact as Hurricane Willa, which is being described as an "extremely dangerous" storm, is expected to make landfall Tuesday night.

The tracks take it right across an area filled fishing villages and vacation resorts. Mexican officials say some 8,000 people have been evacuated from low-lying areas along the pacific coast. Schools and businesses are closed and many tourists, including a Dallas man, are being forced to ride it out.

"I got a little scared last night. I thought maybe I made the wrong decision so I kind of did that panicked grocery store run for water," said Chris Foley, who is vacationing in Puerto Vallarta.

The powerful hurricane is set to make landfall near Las Islas Marias -- just north of Puerto Vallarta, where Foley is located.

"You know it's kind of mixed. There's still some people like me going about their day without thinking much about it but I would say there are less people out and about and in fact the building I'm in feels pretty empty. I think a lot of people cancelled their trips," Foley said.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center says "life threatening storm surge, wind and rainfall is expected in parts of west-central and southwestern Mexico."

Dallas resident Tim Loecker and his husband recently bought a condo in Puerto Vallarta. It's located just a block and a half from the Pacific Ocean.

The couple is expecting renters next week. Loecker is hopeful the tropical storm winds, expected to hit the area, will spare the coastal community and their second home.

"Certainly one of the secondary reasons we wanted to buy in Puerto Vallarta is that's in on the Pacific coast, which the logic that there would not be some much hurricane activity. Unfortunately in first six months here its proving us wrong," Loecker said.

Tim says a property manager is securing their condo. There's also a resident Facebook page where he can get updates.

Forecasters say Willa is expected to break apart pretty quickly after making landfall late Tuesday.