Skyliner closed while Walt Disney World investigates what is wrong

The Walt Disney World Skyliner gondolas were evacuated Saturday night.

In a statement from Disney, officials said the Skyliner is experiencing "unexpected downtime."

Guests took to social media, posting videos and pictures of people appearing to be stuck and evacuated off the gondolas.

 Chloe Nicke said she was about to get off the Skyliner when some of the cabins in front of her began to pile up. 

"As they were moving us forward, the gondolas were getting more and more squished together and you could hear it break," explained. "You could hear the medal being squished together, you could hear the glass cracking."

She said she was on her way to have dinner at Epcot. 

"We were sitting there for about 30 minutes and we could hear little kids crying in the ones in front of us," Nicke said. 

She said a message kept playing on repeat in her cabin.

"That it was broken down that everything would be up and running in a minute but it replayed... at least 10 times. It replayed a lot," she said.

She said, like many people, she was confused and began to worry. 

"I was like man I wonder if this thing broke down like how am I gonna get out of here, trying to see if we can open the windows because it was getting hot and there’s no AC in those things," Nicke explained.

She said she was stuck for about 30 minutes, but said she saw other passengers stranded in the air. 

"You could hear them yelling like hey we’re hungry get us down," she said. 


An incident happened on Saturday night involving the Disney Skyliner gondolas. People reported being stuck for hours, prompting many to post videos and pictures on social media.

Walt Disney World released a statement on Sunday morning regarding the incident. They said that "One of the three Disney Skyliner routes experienced an unexpected downtime Saturday evening. As a result, the Skyliner will be closed while we look into the details surrounding this downtime. We apologize for this situation, and we are working with each guest individually regarding impacts to their visit with us."

On Sunday night, Walt Disney World officials said in a statement:

The Skyliner recently opened to the public on September 29.