Sky above Arizona town glowed purple due to nearby marijuana farm: report

LED-grow lights from a nearby marijuana farm had the sky over Snowflake, Ariz. glowing beautiful shades of pink and purple.

"This photo taken from Snowflake, AZ early this morning showcased purple glow for miles!" the Navajo County Facebook post on Friday said. "The purple glow is a result of LED grow lights from nearby medical marijuana farm Copperstate Farms and the snow clouds overhead." 

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The photo of the unusual-colored sky, taken by Cara Smith, really got viewers on social media talking. 

"That's flipping awesome!!!!wow! Beautiful!!!!!" wrote one commenter on the Navajo County Facebook page.  

Another commenter wrote, "How sad for the neighbors who are subjected to that on a continual basis. It has to affect their circadian rhythms."

According to FOX 5, Copperstate Farms has 70 strains of cannabis in production and 40 more in development.