Shooting victim driven to Fort Worth hospital by neighbor after drive-by shooting

The victim of a drive-by shooting is alive after a stranger rushed him to a hospital.

Fort Worth police said the neighbor was initially ducking for cover from the gunshots, but then took action after seeing someone was hit. 

Now, police are asking anyone who knows details of what happened to help with this investigation.

The life of a drive-by shooting victim in a Southside Fort Worth neighborhood was potentially saved when police said a neighbor, who did not know him, rushed him to a hospital Friday evening.

"We’re just trying to see if anyone in the area saw anything, if they could reach out to us," Fort Worth Police Department officer Tracy Carter said.

Fort Worth police said a man was shot several times while sitting alone in his vehicle along East Richmond Avenue.

"We believe [he was shot] in the abdomen. Somewhere in the lower extremities, that area," Carter said.

Some neighbors, who don’t want to reveal their identity, recall hearing about 10 shots.

"And the dogs started going crazy," they said.

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But it’s another neighbor who may have saved the victim’s life after taking cover.

"What we actually believe is that a person that was in their house when these shots rang out was actually ducking in their home," Carter explained.

Police said that neighbor spotted the victim struggling to walk after the shooting, and then took him to a hospital. 

"We’re very thankful for that," Carter said.

Police will not say what sort of connection the victim has, if any, to the neighborhood. A neighborhood that’s certainly shaken.

For now, police don’t have a description of a suspect or suspect vehicle, or much of anything related to the shooter.

"This is something that could’ve been preventable," Carter said. "Speak things out instead of handling it with a pistol."

Investigators are asking anyone with surveillance footage or information to reach out to police.