Sheriff: Tarrant Co. sheriff's deputy died following medical emergency

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Authorities have confirmed that a deputy has died after being found with "significant injuries to his head" in Downtown Fort Worth Friday night.

Police say Fort Worth PD officers were called out just before 9:30 p.m., to a reported shooting involving a Tarrant County Sheriff's deputy in the 200 block of Taylor St.

Sgt. Keith Shepherd, a 19-year veteran with the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office, was taken to Harris Hospital after being found with "significant injuries to his head."

Tarrant County Sheriff Bill E. Waybourn announced Saturday that Shepherd had a medical emergency, fell, and then had trauma to the head.

He was able to recover enough to get into his car, but then passed away. He reportedly died of a pulmonary embolism.

He was found in his personal vehicle in the sheriff's office parking lot after reportedly returning from lunch.

Authorities canvased the area, but didn't release any information on a possible suspect.

Video from all cameras in a three block radius of the scene were pulled and examined.

While there was no shooting and no suspect, it's still a tragic realization for a family and community that they've lost this man.

A procession carried Sgt. Shepherd's body from the Tarrant County Medical Examiner to Wade Funeral Home in Arlington.

It's a time-honored tradition for fallen officers.

The move was possible after the examiner determined Shepherd did not die at the hands of a criminal.

“The Medical Examiner’s Office has done a complete review and what they have found was -- and we have other evidence to collaborate with it -- is that Sgt. Shepherd had a medical emergency out in that parking lot,” Sheriff Waybourn said.

Waybourn's announcement wrapped up hours of confusion that briefly sparked deep concern Friday night.

Witnesses found Shepherd bleeding in his car in the sheriff's office parking lot in downtown Fort Worth.

The report went out to police that a deputy had been shot.

Heavily armed officers swarmed the area, not knowing if it had been an attack.

But Waybourn said the blood came when Shepherd fell and hit his head after suffering a pulmonary embolism right before getting into his car.

“Everybody initially did think the worst, and fortunately, we don't have a killer out there running loose,” Sheriff Waybourn said.

While there is no killer, a 19-year veteran of the force, husband, and father of two is gone.

His shift colleagues in the detention bureau are heartbroken.

And the community has lost a public servant who showed up to work Friday and never returned home.

“This man had an impact on Tarrant County,” Sheriff Waybourn said. “He had a noble impact and his legacy is great. And we will be celebrating that for the next few days.”

Shepherd's body remains at the Wade Funeral Home.

There are no funeral or memorial plans as of Saturday evening, but the sheriff says that will likely be announced in the next few days.