Collin County DA, other county leaders reach agreement over sexual harassment lawsuit

Collin County leaders reached an agreement to settle a lawsuit from employees claiming they were sexually harassed and retaliated against.

Six current and former employees accused Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis and Assistant DA Bill Wirskye of repeated sexual harassment.

They also claimed the Collin County judge and County Commissioners helped cover it up.

In November, Willis called the allegations false and defamatory.

"The citizens of Collin County deserve better than these dishonest and politically motivated attacks that waste time and money. I categorically and unequivocally deny these false allegations. They did not happen," Willis told FOX 4 in a statement.


Collin County district attorney denies employees' claims of sexual harassment

The Collin County district attorney strongly denied claims of sexual harassment brought by current and former employees.

Wirskye said they were politically motivated.

"This is obviously a politically motivated and politically timed lawsuit based on lies and recycled untruths by some very disgruntled and very troubled individuals. It is a shame for all the good people who work in the Collin County District Attorney’s Office and our County Officials to have to suffer through these untruthful personal attacks. I can’t wait to get into court and clear my name," said Wirskye in a statement.

The terms of the settlement were not made public.

It will reportedly be paid through county insurance.

The deal should be finalized by the end of March.