Several events held this weekend to celebrate Independence Day

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There were several events held this weekend ahead of Independence Day on Thursday.

The fireworks at Klyde Warren Park were designed by the people behind Addison's Kaboom Town, which is world-renowned.

They were specifically designed for the space between buildings in Downtown Dallas, and it's the first time fireworks have been displayed like that in the city.

The show lasts 15 minutes and is right in the middle of downtown.

Klyde Warren Park has been called the town square of Downtown Dallas, and it's now where Dallas celebrates holidays.

“And for the town square, you've got to have fireworks for the Fourth of July,” said Kit Sawers, Klyde Warren Park president. “We have our annual Christmas tree lighting each December. We have a big Labor Day food truck rally.”

The inaugural Independence Day celebration included an ice cream social.

“Eat a lot of food and enjoy ourselves,” said Della Dilworth.

Others chose snow cones.

“Mine was.... It just melted away! That's how hot it is out here,” Linda Gobert said.

Big USA letters in the middle of big D were a big hit for family photos. Others wanted to wear something festive.

Kids sat for caricature artists, and there were even more games in the park than usual.

“I decided to bring my kids here because I knew it was something they would enjoy,” said Jessica Branch.

But the big hit while people waited for fireworks was, of course, anything with water.

“Our water features are here, and the kids are belly flopping in the water and having a great time,” Sawers added.

“I recommend that everybody get out here and try to bring the kids out here to come and enjoy,” Branch said.

Something to keep in mind for the future, the park now has partnerships with eight buildings for free parking for people coming to the park, which could make your trip this summer more convenient.

Market Street Allen USA Celebration was among others held this weekend.