Search for man missing since Friday now classified as recovery operation

Arlington police and firefighters will return to Lake Arlington on Sunday, to look for a missing man.

Arlington Fire Department dive teams suspended their search Saturday night, after reclassifying the operation from a search and rescue to recovery

The family of 43-year-old Raul Solares spent all day Saturday at Richard Simpson Park, waiting, and praying for hope.

“It's just unfortunate that right now at this time. One of the fun things they like to do has resulted something tragic,” said Solares’ niece, Gloria Miranda.

Solares is a husband, and father to 3 boys ages 19, 18 and 2.

Miranda says her uncle was not  wearing a life jacket when he went out on Lake Arlington on his WaveRunner, Friday afternoon.

"Even though he made a wrong decision of not wearing a life jacket, he still a good person, a good man and a family man and we would just want him with his family safe and sound," said Miranda.

Solares rode out around 4:00 pm. The WaveRunner was found 3 hours later along the north side of the Lake Arlington shoreline. Witnesses say they last saw Solares on the south side. The wide area makes searching difficult.

“It's a long operation. It's a taxing operation and the family is here and we're doing whatever we can to provide answers. We want to provide answers and some hope for them as well the search will continue tomorrow,” said Arlington Fire Department Battalion Chief Jackie Parker.

“We don't know what has happened but we believe in God and we know that God is taking control in everything,” said Miranda.

Solares’ family says they are grieving for the worst case scenario, but are trying to have hope. They say the hardest part is explaining all of this to his three sons.