Search continues for suspect in Hulen Mall firebombs

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Fort Worth arson investigators hope someone knows the man seen on surveillance starting two small firebombs in the Hulen Mall Friday afternoon.

No one was hurt, but even making Molotov cocktails is illegal. Investigators are putting all their resources finding the man they suspect of lighting two Molotov cocktails in the mall.

Investigators say surveillance video isn't great, but the FBI helped them enhance a photo that they believe someone will recognize.

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Bomb-sniffing dogs were part of the response team sent to the mall after Friday's fires in Dillard’s and Sears.

“We were more searching for anything else's that might have been suspicious, whether an explosive device or not,” said Mike Lachman with the Fort Worth Bomb Squad.

Arson investigators are still looking for the man from the mall surveillance video. Investigators believe he was driving a black or dark blue car with paint peeling on the hood.

The arson and bomb squad is the law enforcement unit of the Fort Worth Fire Department. They are licensed peace officers anxious to make an arrest in the case. They need someone to help them identify the suspect.

"Our worry was that this was in a very large building in a public place with people around,” said Fort Worth Fire Department Capt. Kyle Falkner.

Arson investigators say their suspect lit the Molotov cocktails under racks of men's clothes in the two stores. In both cases, employees used extinguishers to put out the fires before there was an explosion. Fire investigators aren't releasing details of the devices because that's something only the suspect would know.

"He brought a destructive device — an illegal destructive device — into a very populous structure,” said Fort Worth Arson Investigator Brad Sims. “Fires writhing a structure are far more dangerous when it's in a well-traveled area, like one of our larger malls."

Arson investigators say they got some clues over the weekend but still aren't sure of the motive or why he chose the mall or the two stores.