Search continues for masked men who targeted Dalworthington Gardens couple

The search continues for the masked men who targeted a couple during a home invasion Monday night at a Dalworthington Gardens home.

Police say a woman was home alone when two masked men came inside and tied her up. When her husband came home, they attacked him with a baseball bat.

The suspects remain at large as investigators continue to search for leads. In the meantime, the homeowner is recovering from the brutal attack.

Dalworthington Garden police believe the couple was targeted because they own a gold and silver exchange store. They are still searching for witnesses, doorbell camera video and any info to help track down two home invasion suspects who were wearing ski masks.

Police say the house has a robust security system, but no video cameras. It's a neighborhood where there are few break-ins, let alone a home invasion robbery.

"As little evidence as we have on this, we're working all angles. The residents, witnesses, neighbors,” said Dalworthington Gardens Police Chief Greg Petty. “The neighborhood is inundated with surveillance cameras that we're viewing."

Police on Tuesday spoke with neighbors who live near the husband and wife who they say were targeted.

"When I found out it was an attack so violent like this, I was shocked,” said neighbor Billy Peters. “That makes you sick to your stomach for them."

Public records show the homeowners own a business.

Police say the wife was ambushed early evening around 5:45 p.m. on Monday.  The men tied her up, ransacked the home and waited for her husband.

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Investigators say when the husband arrived, the suspects attacked him with a baseball bat and restrained him as well.  After the men left, the wife somehow freed herself and ran outside for help.

Neighbors are relieved to learn the husband, who was injured, is improving.

“This is a close neighborhood and all the neighbors pull together. So we're all praying for him,” Peters said. “We've been in contact with one another through phones, texts and talking."

The neighbors say they’re shaken and shocked but are showing their support.

"Any information we might have we want them to be able to have that so this can be a solved crime,” Peters said.

The chief of the department acknowledged it is a small police force. He says that means they are using every available resource to work on tracking these folks down.

Police do not have a detailed description of the two men who were wearing ski masks.