School district in Vermont cancels classroom Halloween celebrations

A school district in Vermont decided to cancel all classroom Halloween celebrations, saying celebrations at schools should be inclusive.

Burlington School District officials said they came to the decision after an email from a parent, because some families don't celebrate the holiday.

"We are reflecting in our practices that we believe every celebration held in schools should be fully inclusive," said Miriam Ehtesham-Cating, the district's director of programs, in an interview with WCAX.

She also said some students could become uncomfortable with traditions surrounding Halloween.

"For example, many people are made uncomfortable by the notion that you change your identity, you turn into someone else and those somebody else's could represent cultural appropriations," Ehtesham-Cating said.

The move means all Halloween celebrations during school hours will be canceled, with no costumes or candy in classrooms.

The decision was met with mixed reactions by parents, WCAX reported.