Suspected North Texas scented candle thieves allegedly stole $27,774 worth of items

We are learning more about a theft ring allegedly involving a North Texas brother and sister.

Earlier this week, police arrested 22-year-old Destiny Goynes and her younger brother 19-year-old Dexter Goynes and charged them with engaging in criminal activity after finding $2,800 dollars worth of merchandise, including several scented candles, inside their vehicle following a police chase.

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Destiny Goynes

Since the pair were arrested they were linked to similar thefts at least 11 other North Texas cities.

In addition to Lake Worth the Goynes are suspects in thefts in Allen, Frisco, Irving, Fort Worth, Lewisville, Euless, Highland Village, Carrollton, Wylie, Watauga, and Weatherford.

The total combined loss is currently estimated at $27,774.

Dexter Goynes

"Throughout history, the black market sale of stolen goods has provided a source of revenue for criminal organizations." said Lake Worth Police Chief J.T. Manoushagian in a statement. "On the surface, candle theft may seem insignificant. But in reality, organized retail theft feeds many of the underlying crime problems that communities across our country are experiencing."

Lake Worth police say that more arrests and charges are anticipated in the future.