Samson Park officer hurt in training exercise continues recovery

Sansom Park Police Chief James Burchfeld says his small department is in 100% support mode for injured Officer Lina Mino. She was shot after an unexplained live round of ammunition somehow wound up in a police training exercise taking place on Saturday at a school in Forest Hill.

"I got to the hospital as fast as I could. And then there was an outpouring of support from other law-enforcement communities that’s just been tremendous," Burchfield said. "We’ve been with her family ever since it happened at the hospital. Both her immediate family and extended family is at the hospital along with members of the department in law enforcement in general."

Officer Mino is recovering from surgery at JPS Hospital in Fort Worth. 

A private company was facilitating the active school shooter training at David K. Sellars Elementary. 

Officer continuing recovery after being shot during active shooter training in Forest Hill

"It was precipitated by the Uvalde incident. Every department in the state is trying to get this training now," Burchfield said. "At the time, there was only one other of my officers. But there was multiple agencies involved in the training. It was active school shooter training."

Burchfield says Officer Mino has worked patrol for his department for just over a year. Prior to serving Sansom Park, she was an officer with Fort Worth PD.  He says he has faith the investigation will reveal what went terribly wrong during the exercise.

"The details will come out eventually. Right now, like I said, our concern is her," he said. "It’s very early. We’re just trying to get through this initial shock."