Rockwall to host Fourth of July parade, fireworks and more

Unlike a lot of larger cities, Rockwall still has a full calendar of events for the Fourth of July weekend starting with a concert on the lake Thursday night.

Rockwall Mayor Jim Pruitt said he and other city leaders discussed the idea of canceling the events because of an increase in COVID-19 cases statewide. Rockwall County is nearing 400 cumulative COVID-19 cases with 16 deaths.

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But during an emergency meeting late last week, the Rockwall City Council decided to go ahead with the events.

“We felt we could do it safely,” Mayor Pruitt said. “This will actually be our third week of our concert on the lake series and we’re seeing our normal crowds that run into the thousands being in the hundreds now. We’re down to about 30% of those crowds that are showing up.”

The city is asking people to consider wearing masks and to practice social distancing. But, that’s not a requirement for the concert or fireworks shows over the weekend.

“People need to get out, you know. Kids need to have a place to go to parks, to do things outdoors. And you know I think all the numbers will show you that outdoor activities are probably the safest activities that we can start doing and allowing our people to get in exercise and to actually socialize a little bit,” Pruitt said.

The concert by the lake starts Thursday night at 7:30 p.m.

Fireworks shows will happen on both Friday and Saturday night in Rockwall, as well as a downtown Rockwall parade Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m.

Mayor Pruitt said there is plenty of room for families to spread out and watch the shows.

“The July 4th fireworks which will be at our Harry Myers park, we’ve got 50 acres for people to spread out on to be safe. They can also watch it from their cars wherever they are,” he said. “Our concert on the lake series has lots of people and they’re on boats. There will be hundreds of boats that are usually out there. So people are with their families and they’re staying apart but we’re also reminding them as they come in to wear a mask if you want to and take responsibility for your own family.”

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