Residents forced out of Lake Granbury apartments as erosion threatens complex

Erosion on the banks of Lake Granbury is threatening to topple an apartment building.

Residents of the Lakefront Apartments are forced out of their homes as engineers assess the situation.

“The apartments started shaking and he heard this big rumble, and he's like, what the hell was that? He goes over to the window and it's all warped like that,” said resident Nathan Hernandez.

“The city engineers were feeling like it was still shifting,” said Doug Parrish, the brother of the building’s owner.

Parrish says the owner doesn’t have insurance that covers landslides.

“If an insurance company doesn't cover this, what do they cover? This is an absolute catastrophe,” said Parrish.

He estimates the repairs will cost more than six figures.

“The entire family was at a very low spot. And when this happened, it kind of put my brother into a tailspin. He's wondering how much more can someone take,” said Parrish.

The Red Cross set up a shelter to help the 16 displaced families and other residents who’ve been forced out of their homes.

“Thank goodness. When I came in I hadn't eaten for a couple days, so she gave me some Gatorade and some crackers,” said Cindy Debartolo.

Debartolo says her home flooded twice this last week. The Red Cross estimates it’s helped around 200 people affected get back on their feet.

“They've been great. They have given me a cleanup kit, a blanket and some food, so I'm doing okay,” said Debartolo.