Rainy weather doesn't stop State Fair of Texas crowd

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Tuesday was a rainy day for people at the State Fair of Texas. Some rides were closed because of the weather, but people were still determined to have fun.                      

The rides were back up and running by Tuesday night, but they were inoperable almost all day because of the downpour. People made the most of it and actually got the fair to themselves, in a way.

Rain or shine, the State Fair of Texas is always a good time.

"It is the state fair,” said Tammy Matthews. “And you've gotta go!"

School trips were cut short, and rides were shut down as rain fell for hours into the early evening.

Tammy Matthews convinced her mother, Cynthia Harris, to grab a jacket and umbrella and go anyway.

"It was, ‘Should we? Shouldn't we?' But it's the state fair. You have to! Rain or no rain,” Matthews said. “And at least the crowds aren't overwhelming today."

"I'm glad I did because the crowd is not so bad,” Harris said. “It is cold out here and rainy. But you know what? We're having a blast."

"No one's around so you're not running into people and spilling your beer,” said Isaac Cisneros. “We're just having a good time eating some food."

Games on the Midway and food seemed the stars of the State Fair on Tuesday. For once, there were no lines for Fletcher's corny dogs.

"It's like being a little kid again. Here on a rainy day, kicking some puddles and eating,” Cisneros said. “Drink some beer and have a good time."

Good news is the State Fair does sell umbrellas and ponchos on site.