Pregnant mother, dog fight off home intruder

A pregnant mother found herself fighting off an armed intruder Monday morning in her Hood County home.

Ashley Carter is a mother of three, and her fourth is due soon. She was scratched up and had her glasses broken during the attack, but she and her dog managed to protect herself and her three kids at the family's home on Lake View Drive near Granbury.

The masked attacker ripped the glasses from Ashley Carter's face so she wasn't able to get a good look at him. But after her fight and her dog's bite, the attacker quickly learned she’s not to be messed with.

Carter figured her dog 'Rowdy' was protective but found out just how protective Monday morning   When a man with a knife forced his way into her home and attacked her.

"He barged in, literally shoved me back and, immediately, that's when my glasses came off,” she recalled. “I mean he just ripped them off my face and broke them."

Carter is 35 weeks pregnant. Her other children were in their rooms asleep.

"I just reached over as he was cutting my arms. He had a pear knife, one of those little small kitchen knives. And he was cutting my arms with those,” she said. “And he had ripped my shirt… he cut my shirt open. So my belly has three small cuts."

Carter grabbed the first thing she could: a flower vase.

"And I smashed it against his right shoulder because he was in the house,” Carter recalled. “By then, he was in our doorway. I have three children asleep at this time and none of them woke up."

Carter says the vase knocked him back so she hollered for Rowdy.

"He just immediately went crazy on him. Ran him out the door all the way down here where he attacked him in the driveway,” she recalled. “He bit him right on the left side about hip-waist."

Hood County sheriff's investigators say the man never spoke. Carter told deputies he had a pillowcase over his head. She and her husband have only lived there for three weeks.

Investigators want to know who the attacker is and if he was there to rob them or there for someone who used to live there.

“He was just swinging that knife everywhere, which is where my face… I got a few little scratches on each side,” she explained.

Carter’s message to the attacker: Don't mess with a mom — especially one who's pregnant.

"I have three kids. I just knew I needed to get him out before my kids woke up and got hurt,” she said. “I'm one protective mama. Don't come near my kids."

Anyone with information on the attack is urged to contact the Hood County Sheriff’s Office.