Police searching for whoever is throwing rocks at cars on Dallas North Tollway

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Dallas police are trying to figure out who is throwing rocks at cars as they enter the Dallas North Tollway.

Both Monday and Tuesday, drivers say large rocks or objects hit their cars right as McKinnon Street turns into the tollway on the edge of Uptown.

Tuesday night, several cars were struck at about midnight.

There was an additional law enforcement presence out Wednesday night.

Victims are hopeful that whoever is doing this gets caught, or stops before someone is seriously hurt.

It’s happening in a spot where so many drivers speed up to cruise home.

“I'm like, we're being attacked. It's crazy,” Staci Onderdonk said.

Onderdonk's trip home after a concert Tuesday night came to a screeching halt.

“We pulled over, and that's when we kind of noticed,” she added.

Onderdonk had been following her husband's car as they passed the Katy Trail Bridge at the start of the Dallas North Tollway.

That's when her husband’s car, and then her car, were hit.

“I, on the other hand, looked over and noticed that giant hole in the glass of my passenger front window and glass all over me, and a huge rock right next to my leg,” she said.

The couple called 911, and as they waited, more cars were hit.

“There are four cars back there, including mine, which was the first one hit,” Onderdonk said in a video just after the incident happened. “We're hearing other cars get hit coming that direction.”

Dallas police say several cars were hit starting just before midnight Tuesday by an unknown person or person(s) throwing rocks.

Two people were treated on scene for minor injuries, but it wasn't isolated to just Tuesday.

On Monday, a FOX4 employee's car was hit as they drove by the same area.

They weren't injured.

“Where the biggest rock came in through my side window, it literally would have hit whoever was sitting there directly into the head,” Onderdonk said. “We were really lucky no one was hurt, really lucky. But next time, you never know.”

North Texas Transit Authority officials said they are also aware of several vehicles being hit over the last couple nights, including one of its own vehicles.