Police searching for missing Grand Prairie couple

The family of a missing Grand Prairie woman is concerned after she and her common-law husband disappeared.

Hours after they were reported missing on Tuesday, police pinged 26-year-old's Weltzin Garcia's phone. It took them to White Rock Lake, where they found 28-year-old Alfonso Hernandez's car.

Family showed up a short time later to start searching, but have not found anything so far.

Both Garcia and Hernandez were reported missing early Tuesday morning in Grand Prairie. A recent violent incident between the couple has family members fearing the worst.

“The domestic violence,” said Ailed Garza, Garcia’s cousin. “The restraining order she had.”

“I know that an assault did occur,” said Grand Prairie officer Mark Beseda. “She did prosecute, and we do have a warrant for his arrest.”

Police confirm Hernandez sent strange text messages to some of his family members early Tuesday morning that raised concerns.

Just hours after the couple was reported missing, Dallas police located Hernandez’s 2006 Honda Accord in a parking lot on the west side of White Rock Lake. Family members say it’s a place neither would be familiar with.

Garcia’s mother, Bania Mireles, says her daughter was so afraid of Hernandez that a cousin moved in with her and the two young children the couple had together. But despite the restraining order, Garcia’s family says Hernandez was at the home several times before the couple disappeared.

“He knows he has problems. He already knows what happened,” Mireles said. “My daughter never, never leaves alone my grandkids.”

Garcia’s family members from as far away as Monterey, Mexico, went to White Rock Lake offering prayers and support.

The couple’s children, a 6-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy, are safe and being cared for by family.

Anyone with information about this missing couple is asked to call police at 972-988-8477 or submit a tip at GPCrimeStoppers.org.