Police: Man electrocuted while trying to steal copper from transformer in Dallas

Police are reporting that a 25-year-old man was electrocuted early Sunday morning while trying to steal copper from a transformer.

The initial call came into police just before 3:15 a.m., about a possible shooting near N. Central Expressway and Olive St.

A witness told police she heard a loud bang and then saw the body next to the curb.

Responding officers found the body, identified as Gabriel Monjaraz, but no signs of gunshots. They then thought he may have been hit by a car.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner then arrived on scene, and determined Monjaraz had been electrocuted.

Investigators found a power pole that had a transformer with black marks on it about 20-30 feet away from Monjaraz’s body.

Police say Monjaraz had rubber gloves on, and was possibly trying to steal copper from around the transformer, when he was electrocuted.