Police: Corsicana man beats two women unconscious with baseball bat

A Corsicana man is in custody after police say he beat two women in their 60s unconscious with a baseball bat.

59-year-old Donald Kelly is charged with three counts of aggravated assault. Family of the victims say Kelly's attack was revenge for one of the women breaking up with him.

Police say Kelly beat 69-year-old Dolores Tutt unconscious with a baseball bat Thursday afternoon outside of her Corsicana apartment. He then targeted her friend, 64-year-old Judy Jordan, who tried protecting her. A neighbor tried to intervene and was assaulted with a bat, too.

“He started beating her,” said Doris Cates who witnessed the attack. “When they were unconscious on the ground, he sat down, drank a beer and started beating them again."

Witnesses say police eventually got to the scene and arrested Kelly.

"We never thought he'd do anything like this,” said Geerob Tutt, the victim’s son.

Police say Kelly was arrested in February on a family violence charge for beating Dolores up for breaking up with him. He was released from jail the same day of the alleged attack.

"She has broken bones in her eyes and her cheeks,” said Debra Jessa describing Judy’s injuries. “Her nose was busted. They had to sew her nose, and her head was busted open.”

While Dolores is still unconscious with similar injuries including brain swelling, family members say Judy is finally responsive.

“I’m very sorry this happened to her,” Geerob told Judy’s family. “Thank you for helping my mom out.”

Family members say the jilted-ex deserves maximum punishment.

"I hope he rots in hell,” said Jessa. “I really hope he pays and suffers ten times the amount that they're suffering right now."

Kelly, a registered sex offender, was wearing an ankle monitor when police say he attacked the two women. He is being held on a $500,000 bond with a parole hold, meaning he can't be released even if he comes up with the money.