Plano residents donate blood in "Battle of the Badges" blood drive

A Plano police officer needed six bags of blood transfusions after breaking 12 ribs and rupturing his spleen in an off-duty motorcycle crash.

Now, John Bauer is working to get the Plano Police Department involved in the Plano "Battle of the Badges Blood Drive".

"I still don't know the person that donated my blood," Bauer said. "And that's what's so important about it. You never know when yourself or your family might need it."

After people donate blood in the city-wide event, they can cast a vote for the Plano Police or Fire Department. The friendly competition has been going on for the past 13 years; the police department has won the trophy the past 12.

"The thin blue line, the thin red line, we look after each other," said Sam Grief, Chief of Plano Fire and Rescue. "It's really a collaboration between our two organizations to get as much blood as we possibly can, there's no real battle or animosity."

As the one year anniversary of the Dallas ambush shootings approaches, Plano Police Chief Gregory Rushing realizes how important blood donations are.

"It makes us realize that sometimes we may be the one that needs the blood as well," Rushin said. "And we're the people that see day in and day out the need for that blood. So we're asking people to come out. Roll up your sleeves and save lives,"

Battle of the Badges continues through Sunday.