Plane that crashed into McKinney home removed

Two days after a small plane crashed into a McKinney home, crews were able to remove it using a crane.

Crews were out Saturday morning using a massive crane to carry the plane out in pieces.

Even though the plane has been removed from the home, fire officials say the home will need to be inspected by a structural engineer before anyone can go back to living there.

The plane is headed to a facility in Fort Worth, where the FAA will continue their investigation.

The small plane crashed into a home on Black Bear Dr. in McKinney Thursday evening, seriously injuring two women aboard.

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No one on the ground was seriously hurt.

“It's just not every day you see something like that,” said Diane Lee, who lives near where the plane crashed.

Neighbors in the McKinney neighborhood brought out blankets and lawn chairs to watch this unusual sight outside their homes Saturday morning.

“A giant crane pulling a plane out of someone's backyard is out of the normal, let's say,” Nick Getzendanner said.

“It's weird, to see a full aircraft fixing to come over the top of that house, it's weird,” Jim Brownson added.

Crews used a large crane to carefully carry a small plane, piece by piece, over the home where it crashed.

“It's amazing but it's also sobering because you think about the people that got seriously hurt,” Lee said.

Both women inside the plane who were injured were taken to Baylor Hospital in McKinney.

The plane is registered to Pamela Parks, of Plano, who holds a current pilot license.

Residents say they have growing concerns about their proximity to the Aero Country Airport and the number of planes that typically fly closely over homes.

“They fly over the house,” Brownson said. “We're in the pattern so we see them flying over all the time, and they get you nervous sometimes, because you just don't know.”

“We kind of live in an area here, with the airport so close, you take a risk knowing you're living here,” Lee added.

This is the second plane crash in this area in recent years.

In 2016, two planes collided on New Year’s Eve, killing three people near Custer Rd. and Virginia Pkwy.

Thursday's crash brought fear for residents who are now wondering if it could happen again.

“Not again, because we've lived out here, we're so close. Just can't believe it happened again,” Brownson said. “Accidents happen, it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when those planes are going to go down.”

The FAA is continuing their investigation into the cause of the crash.