Peaceful protests in honor of George Floyd continue across North Texas

There were protests throughout the day Saturday across North Texas, including one in Downtown Dallas that brought out thousands of people.

Hundreds prayed together in Kylde Warren Park in Dallas.

“Lord we are begging. We can’t do this on our own strength. Lord we are here for you and we pray that you please just move forward, that you take control,” they prayed.

Different races, ages, and voices called out for peace and called for racial equality.

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“Give praise to God, give praise to Jesus. I’m all for that. I’m a Christian. I love Jesus,” Curtis Taylor said.

“The idea was to bring the focus back to God, bring people together,” Shaun Burgess added.

A silent ride was also held in memory of George Floyd.

The rolling protest through Downtown Dallas started as a post on Facebook and it quickly turned into more.

“I really just posted on social media Thursday. I was like, ‘Who would be down to ride in solidarity with us in protest, in silence,’” Jonathan Garcia said.

In Mesquite, high school students took to the streets to denounce police brutality and the killings of black men and women.

“Hopefully they’ll walk away feeling a little easier about the world and the circumstances that are occurring right now. That’s what we want,” organizer Atrice Adeniyi said.

There was also a march held through Southlake.

In Frisco, there were more voices united for an end to racism.

“We just need to be better. So we’re doing this for everybody,” one protester said.

On wheels, with song and feet to pavement, the peaceful protesting continues.