Parkland Hospital opens new clinic in Red Bird area

For people in the Red Bird area of Dallas, Parkland Hospital has moved in bringing primary health care to Red Bird Mall.

That facility is renamed in honor of an African American medical pioneer.

The new Parkland Charles Victor Roman Clinic will help improve the health of this community and the health of Red Bird Mall.     

Charles Victor Roman practiced in Dallas from 1893 to 1904. More than a local doctor, his medical mind is respected across the country.

"Dr. Roman was a pioneer in the American healthcare community who spoke out against racial injustice and urged people of all races and ethnicities to work together," said Parkland Hospital CEO Dr. Fred Cerise.

That working together spirit has brought a Parkland primary care facility to the Red Bird Mall.

Neighborhoods around the mall cited in the county's health care assessment as one area medically underserved in a county with healthcare challenges.

About 34% of Dallas County residents are low income...twenty-seven percent of adults in the city of Dallas have no health insurance and there's a north, south disparity in life expectancy. 

"In Dallas, people who live south of living 23 years less than people who live north," said Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price.

The CV Clinic brings the county hospital to the community.

"It really is a testament to philanthropy and certainly our public dollars coming together to ensure that more individuals have access to high-quality healthcare," said Parkland Foundation CEO Michael Horne.

The clinic and UT Southwestern are already in the mall in the space once occupied by Dillard’s.

Children's Medical Center will soon open offices in Red Bird as well, making health care the new anchor to the mall's new life.

"So the whole idea here has always been to convert what used to be a 100% retail into a mixed-use development," said Red Bird Mall Peter Brodsky.

That includes a mid-rise residential community.

Brodsky bought Red Bird Mall seven years ago. What used to be anchor stores converted to professional buildings.

"The entire second floor of the mall is offices," he said. "We've got over 1,600 people coming to work here every day."

Where the people are, restaurants and retail have come as well. It’s an economic booster shot in Red Bird's renaissance.

"And it is now turning into a real live-work-play-environment with more to come," Brodsky said.