Ohio dad arrested for complaining too much about son's homework

An Oxford, Ohio dad fed up with the amount of homework his son was getting found himself handcuffed for complaining too much.

"Basically, the parent didn't like that his child was getting homework, so he decided he was going to call the school repeatedly over and over again," Oxford Police Det. Sgt. Adam Price told Fox 19 in Cincinnati.

The station reports that Adam Sizemore tried calling his son’s school repeatedly about the homework load, even threatening the principal and saying he "better put his big boy pants on."

When the school stopped taking Sizemore’s calls, he reportedly started calling the Oxford police station instead.

"I want to talk to the chief. I need to talk to the chief. Called the chief! Can you get the chief on the line? Page the chief!" Sizemore said in 911 calls released by Oxford police.

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Police said Sizemore called dispatch roughly 18 times, refusing to leave a voicemail for the chief. 

On one call, a dispatcher said Sizemore should go to the police station and talk to the chief in person. Sizemore refused that offer, too, police said.

""He can come to my [expletive] house. I pay for him. He can come to my house," Sizemore told dispatchers.

"OK, well I'm going to send some officers to your house to talk to you in-person since you won't stop calling," the dispatcher told him.

Sizemore eventually got to speak with officers – they arrested him for telecommunications harassment and menacing – but he did not get his wish to speak with the chief.

"You try to stick up for your [expletive] son," Sizemore said as he was being handcuffed and put into a police unit.