Obama impersonator robocall raises eyebrows in Tarrant judicial race

The race between two republicans vying for a Tarrant County judge seat has become especially aggressive with a robocall impersonating former president Barack Obama.

The theme of the call appears to focus on the question which candidate is the true conservative while accusing one of secretly being a Democrat.

Incumbent Deborah Nekhom and challenger Mamie Bush Johnson are two Republicans battling it out for a Tarrant County judicial seat. The race got a jolt with the robocall of the Obama impersonator that went our earlier this week.

"It's your favorite person calling, it's President's Day and encouraging you to vote in the Republican primary for fellow Democrat Mamie Johnson for County Criminal Court Judge Number 4,” the call goes, later adding. “Don't worry, Mamie is a proud liberal like us.”

It's unclear who paid for the call, which at times praises Nekhom.

"Very unfortunate that someone would have to stoop so low,” Johnson said. She has previously run as a Democratic candidate for judge.

Nekhom, due to a family member's serious illness, hasn't directly responded to the robocall. A consultant with her campaign said in a statement: "...the points made in the call are accurate: Mamie Johnson is a lifelong Democrat, who has voted for Democrats up through the 2016 election cycle and was the last elected Democrat voted out of office in Tarrant County. Conservatives are united for Republican Judge Deborah Nekhom."

UTA Political Science Professor Allen Saxe said the robocall is dirty.

“I didn't think so at first, but now that I've heard it, definitely dirty,” Saxe said.

Saxe said the robocall doesn't necessarily cross any ethical lines, but because the call is somewhat confusing he said it may not be terribly effective.