Oak Cliff church moving forward a month after devastating fire

Members of a North Texas church are celebrating once again. A fire destroyed their east oak cliff church last month. Things were looking bleak, but then a ray of hope led them to a new church home.

On January 9th, an early morning fire tore through the Deliverance Baptist Church near Ann Arbor Avenue and Sunnyvale Street.

Flames shot through the roof destroying a home away from home for its 100 members.

Even Pastor Kenneth Andrews senior felt the pangs of doubt, especially since they didn't have church insurance

Members felt hopeless, not knowing when they would be able to build a new church. In the meantime, they temporarily held service at a Duncanville hotel. Then another church allowed them to meet there but they continued to pray for permanent solution.

Their prayers were answered when they got a call from young man who let them in to their new building.

"It means everything to us. We are so used to doing things our own way and we like to have our own space to worship," says Tashika Hiter, a church member.

Pastor Andrews says he was never about the building itself, but he's grateful for the blessing...and even lesson learned along the way.

Pastor Andews says the church lost members while its future was uncertain. He says some have already started coming back and he's hopeful more will return.