Nurses cheer for North Texas COVID-19 survivor as she leaves the hospital

A coronavirus survivor got a round of applause from the staff at an Irving hospital as she was sent home.

Lusia Garcia went to Medical City Las Colinas 10 days ago after testing positive for COVID-19.

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She had been fighting a nagging cough for weeks and previously tested negative. In the hospital, she tested positive.

She struggled to eat, walk and even talk. She was on a ventilator and started improving after about three days.

“It is a horror story. It felt like a nightmare. It felt like I was not gonna come back from this, especially the time they intubate you. It was one of the most scary times I have ever been through in my life and I have been through quite a bit,” Garcia said.

She will self-quarantine at home for the next two weeks.

The hospital staff sent her home with flowers and wishes for a full recovery.

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