Numbers of early voters in North Texas outpaces previous midterm elections

Voter turnout in North Texas continues to blow past any previous midterm election.

In the first two days of voting, more than 10 percent of Dallas County and Collin County voters have already cast their ballots.

On day two of early voting, 55,094 voters showed up in person to vote in Dallas County. That’s more than triple the number of voters on the same day of early voting in the last midterm in 2014 and surpasses the number of voters on the same day of 2016 early voting. A total of 136,982 people have either voted in person or mailed in ballots in Dallas County.

Officials in Tarrant County said 43,814 voters showed up on Tuesday, with a total of 107,360 people who have either voted in person or mailed in ballots. That's triple the numbers of second-day early voting in 2014.

Collin County has seen nearly 13 percent of its registered voters turn out in the first two days, either in person or via mail-in ballots. On Tuesday, 31,309 people voted in the county.

Denton County more than tripled its second day early voting numbers compared to the 2014 midterm, with 19,617 people casting ballots on Tuesday.

Candidates in the highest profile race, U.S. Senate, are working to turn out their supporters. Incumbent Ted Cruz was in Dallas on Wednesday for a rally. Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke will spend all of Friday and Saturday in North Texas.

Early voting continues through next Friday, Nov. 2. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6.