North Texas software company making 3D respirator masks to help during COVID-19 pandemic

A North Texas software company is stepping up to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They are printing protection to help stretch supplies. 

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For Matt O’Brien the design used for his 3D printer may be different, but the intention is identical

“We believe that every business that has the capability to help has the responsibility to stand up and provide that help when it is needed,” he said.

O’Brien is the owner of Dallas-based Unique Software Development, a company he's reconfigured to print 3D respirator masks.

“We’re looking to move on next week and get up to a man production level of at least 200-250 units per day,” he said.

And he's giving them away for free.

“We believe that these are going to be able to a greater level of protection to first responders, to greeters, to maintenance workers who may not need a full N95 mask but still need protection,” O’Brien said.

A traditional surgical mask has the surface area for 6-10 uses, but becomes contaminated after just one wear.

By building the majority of these form fitting face masks from a washable, even bleachable filament, which can be sterilized, those same single surgical masks can be cut into sections and stretched tenfold, when paired with a reusable 3D face mask.

“A single face mask may be able to be used 1,000 or more times, and that way we can really cut through our shortage and use the most out of the available supplies that we have,” O’Brien said.

So far, his supply is in demand, and O’Brien said that's the motivation.

With plenty of filament on hand for 5,000 units, he's ready to leave his imprint on helping those in need, and each mask is shipped with 100 filters.

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