North Texas shelters prepare to take in homeless during freezing weather

Shelters across North Texas are preparing to house some of the homeless who typically live on the streets.

Shelters are being proactive about encouraging people not to risk staying outside with the frigid wind chills. Some cities will be providing warming stations.

When it gets below 32 degrees, the city of Denton activates its inclement weather plan. It goes into effect Friday night through Saturday.

With wind chills dipping down to the teens this weekend, the city of Denton is preparing for those who don’t have anywhere to go.

“We know that people who don’t have a home to go to are most affected by extreme weather,” said Denton Community Development Manager Danielle Shaw. “So we put together this plan to give them information on where they can go during the day when there’s not another place to be so they can keep warm.”

Local libraries, fire stations, and rec centers will be open during regular hours as warming stations, including the North Lakes Rec Center where a free shuttle is available to take those who need to get to local overnight shelters like monsignor king outreach center.

The shelter is opening up two extra nights outside their regular hours to accommodate nearly 100 people during the cold snap.

Shelter volunteers like David Mays have been looking at the cold forecast all week expecting to volunteer extra hours to keep the shelter open during the cold nights.

“It takes more volunteers because we’re 100% volunteer organization,” Mays said. “And without volunteers, we can’t operate. So when we get the extra nights, it’s harder and harder to get the volunteers.”

Our Calling in Dallas, which is typically a daytime outreach, will also open its doors as a temporary shelter Saturday night to get people out of the cold. They use a cell phone app and software that can alert the homeless to the frigid weather conditions and easily determine which area shelters still have bed space.